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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  February 7, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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a traffic stop turns spoke something of a wild ride. an officer dragged from a car. it all ends in a crash on a philadelphia highway. we're live with an update on the officer's condition. >> so chaotic when it happened and scary. >> witnesses described the chaotic scene as a former bar in south jersey goes up in flames. firefighters did make it out of the burning building despite a collapse. the golden anniversary game, super bowl 50 gets under way in just hours. we are counting down until kickoff. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors, 10:00 on sunday. begin this morning with meteorologist karen thomas. she's tracking a clear and bright sunday for us. karen. >> absolutely, rosemary. we'll call it mild. whatever your plans are, redding to the river rink, auto show, cape may. look at this live shot of the beach and ocean. it is chilly. you're going to want to bundle
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up if you're strolling on cape may beach for sure. poconos skiers having a last. 34, 36 in philadelphia. look at this. 37 in wildwood, same for cape may. 37 atlantic city. temperatures will be bumping up. we have calm winds for the most part. 5 miles per hour out of the northwest in the poconos. the call today is nice. sun and clouds, 47 to 50 across the region for high temperatures. that is above normal this time of year so we will take it. we're watching coastal lows to the northeast monday, tuesday, wednesday. i'll be back with those details in a bit. >> see you shortly. thanks, karen. we're following developing story out of philadelphia. a man is in custody after a traffic stop, a chase and multicar crash. at one point the car dragged a
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police officer. drew smith has been following this all morning long. he joins us. drew. >> reporter: i just went inside to see if we could get an update on the second person police are looking for. so far they have not been able to catch her. they say she was in the car with another man who they to have in custody. we've been keeping an eye on the door to see if they were going to move or release him. so far he stayed inside. the only person there as police handcuffed a man and put him into the back of the wagon. we blurred his face until we could confirm what charges he's facing. lincoln avenue and kelly drive. two other cars got hit in the process. this all began 5 miles west in overbook this morning where an officer stopped the car and ended up getting dragged away as the car pulled off. police caught sight of the license tag on monument road and tried to stop the car but it crashed instead. an off-duty cop lived there. he heard the impact. take a listen to what he had to
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say. i heard the crash and bang. >> some things for from police, what charges the man will face. the call did come in as an assault on an officer. the condition of the officer this morning we're told he's going to be okay. live in southwest detectives, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. . >> this morning investigators looking for the cause of this fire in south jersey. the blaze destroyed millville, cumberland county. it once housed a former tavern gil bear's tavern right owner 2nd treat. firefighters ended up setting up defensive positions around the block there to make sure flames wouldn't spread to nearby homes. witnesses reported small explosions and at one point the entire third floor collapsed falling right onto the firefighters working below. >> there was one on the ladder and the sides started falling down.
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>> we watched them pull two guys went it happened. so chaotic when it happened. so scary. >> after the collapse they did stop working so they could for all their crew. fortunately no one was hurt. investigators continue to look for the cause of this house fire who killed a young boy trying to save his father. 12-year-old sanford died in the flames. we're hearing from those who knew him best. he went back inside the house to try to save his dad from the flames but his father had already jumped from a window. he played for the eagles football program. the coach remembered him in a conversation with nbc 10 last night. >> very friendly, just hardworking, especially out here on the football field. he wasn't one of those kids with god-given ability, he to work for his and he did. neighbors have been leaving
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balloons and flowers on the house. a go fund me page raised about $27,000 to help his family. today at 1:00, the american red cross will host a fire safety walkthrough at the scene of that deadly fire. the red cross will join the fire department for important tips can you take to keep your self and family out of danger. temple police searching for three people in a racially charged incident. somebody drew a swastika and wrote a racial slur on top of this car. it happened on carlyle street. we've blurred some images. temple police want you to look at these photos from a security camera. they were released just last night. campus police are calling them a person of interest. they are asking anyone who knows them to give police a call. temple condemns the use of this
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language, they will make every effort to identify those responsible and hold them accountable. speaking of temple if you want to speak out for or against a football stadium on campus you'll get a chance tomorrow. they will hold a special meeting. the meeting ended early when protests broke out. plans call for $100 million stadium to be built on campus. right now they play home football games at lincoln financial field. looking for something to do today? want to stay indoors, head on down to the pennsylvania convention center. plenty going on inside. check out newest, greatest, most exotic cars on display at the philadelphia auto show. it's the last day of the show. do some test drives, look under the hood, get all the information you need. also today meet members of the 76ers dance team. they will be there taking photos and signing autographs. 10:06 on sunday.
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right now it is super bowl sunday. fans getting ready for the big game. game day by the bay. super bowl 50 will kick off in just hours. we'll have a preview of the matchup and hear what the quarterbacks have to say about each other. plus aing story overseas this morning after north korea fires a long range rocket. we'll explain how the u.s. and u.n. are responding to what's being called an act of defiance.
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. just getting outside this morning you're going to need a coat, maybe even gloves, looking forward to a really nice day as we move on through the day. daytime hours temperatures warming up a bit. we should be mild thp afternoon. plenty of sunshine now we've got high pressure in play.
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temperatures on the chilly side to start but warming up. right now 36 degrees in philly officially at the international airport but 40 in the northeast. we are bumping upward, 38 in atlantic city. we see sunshine to the north in philadelphia but to the south pushing up from delaware and south jersey we see an edge of clouds moving up from a system off the carolina coast. so we do anticipate for our clear skies right now to become clouded later on this afternoon. all in all not a bad forecast for super bowl sunday. we'll call it nice. 47 to 50 degrees for your high temperatures across the region. then we get set for a little mess y, wet weather coming our way. i'll be back with those details in just a bit. >> he's still alive. he's in pain but he's alive. >> the road to recover. the family members of a cabdriver shot on the job talk only to nbc 10 about the scary
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ordeal that put their loved one in the hospital. plus rescued from the rubble, stories of survival emerge from deadly earthquake in taiwan. also show you the efforts still under way to find dozens of people who are missing.
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now to an nbc 10 exclusive, the family of a philadelphia cabdriver who describes his painful recovery after being shot on the job. police say passengers opened fire and those gunmen are still on the loose following the shooting in point breeze early yesterday morning. here is what we know three bullets grazed alex destin, another is lodged in his arm. police say destin was driving three passengers to 28th when two opened fire. surveillance video shows the cab running a stop sign before crashing into cars destin managed to get help while the passengers took off. his sister-in-law spoke only to
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nbc 10 about how it all unfolded. >> he said give me the money. >> he said give me the money. he said he didn't have the money. that's the time they took the gun and put it in his head. i cannot how people can come and try to tat money and try to kill somebody. >> we've been checking with penn presbyterian hospital where alex destin is recovering. right now he's listed in fair condition. there are some concerns about rabies in montgomery county after good samaritan fought off a raccoon that attacked a young girl. the victim was walking home from school last week in gladwyne when the animal lunged at her. the animal tested positive for rabies. doctors gave her a preventive shot. she's resting at home, no problem. health are concerned the man who saved her could have been exposed to the disease. montgomery county health department is urge ugg the man who fended off the raccoon to
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can't them and get checked out just in case. to a developing story overse overseas, an emergency meeting u.n. security council will be held a little later on today to address the north korean missile launch. can you see the white speck in the sky from the rocket. north korea's state media reports the launch sent a satellite into orbit. critics say the long range rocket is meant to test banned technology for missiles that could strike u.s. mainland. rescues continues as the earthquake knocked down buildings. officials say 26 people died in the quake. crews are trying to get dozens of victims trapped in what's left of high-rise apartment building in the city of tainan. dozens more still missing. it could take weeks or more to figure out exactly what brought down this construction crane in new york friday. investigators hope the crane's computer will offer clues.
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a construction crew trying to lower the crane when it collapsed and smashed through several cars and buildings. investigators believe high winds may have played a part. happened at a nightclub around 3:00 this morning, injured victims expected to survive. police have not made any arrests in this case. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> hopefully you have plans for sunday because the forecast is going to cooperate this afternoon. nice and mild conditions. conditions bumping mid to upper 40s, close to 50 degrees. we are tracking some snow in our forecast. you'll see that seven-day as well as arctic air towards the end of the week if you think it's cold now, it will get colder. 36 currently, winds outfit of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. temperatures on the chilly side for sure. 35 in the poconos, allentown but temperatures will be bumping upwards to the southwesterly wind and all the sunshine we
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have. we have high pressure in place, so we can't expect sunshine for most of the sunday but clouds satellites showing us quiet and play but edging out by the clouds pushing up from the system developing off the carolina coast. we also have some energy back here in the great lakes. what we can expect overnight tonight spoke early tomorrow, this model showing overnight 2:00 a.m. could have rain this system expected to move quickly off the coast, stay off for that low that pushes in from coast. look for the overspreading of some snow here. you see the banding here with the sleet and rain mixed in the further south you go tuesday morning again with snow shower
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activity standing by with philadelphia north and west. that's early tuesday morning. we'll keep a close eye on the system because the way it looks now the system will stay offshore. not looking for heavy accumulation tuesday. on and off snow showers throughout the day with a light accumulation by the time it all wraps up and gets out of here early wednesday morning. after wednesday unleash arctic air trapped way up in canada to the north. poised and ready to move in our direction wednesday, thursday, and friday. for today super bowl sunday, say have fun, sun and clouds are a nice forecast. 47 to 50 degrees for high temperatures across the area. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. we start the workweek on a cold note. yeah, we could have a possibility of rain or snow showers starting monday evening and then the snow shower activity hanging with us through tuesday. snow flurries wednesday morning.
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systems get out of here. temperatures plummet, lows in the teens by friday. >> i come from a wealthy family. i'm going to hop down in that lifeboat. >> hold on, hold on, wait a second. i am so sick of the 1% getting preferential treatment. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> democratic candidate bernie sanders worked his campaign message in the "snl" skit about a sinking ship last night. larry david hosted "saturday night live" right here. senator marco rubio second heading spot primary, they took aim at him last night. >> you have not been involved in
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a consequential decision where you've had to be held accountable. >> your state had a snowstorm and you didn't even want to go back. you had to be shamed to go back. >> front-runner donald trump turned into a debate last night. cruz apologized to carson for cruz's campaign misinterpreted a cnn report mistakenly told iowa voters carson had quit the race. cnn said its reporting had nothing to do with cruz's actions. talking about democrats, hillary clinton will take a break from new hampshire campaigning today. she'll be holding town hall in flint, michigan, this afternoon. clinton plans to address the crisis of led-poisoned water in flint as example of racial and economic injustice. pennsylvania senator bob casey will be campaign for hillcrest in new hampshire. casey plans to lead several get out the vote events with clinton volunteers. he endorsed last april.
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polls show former secretary of state trailing bernie sanders by double digits there. nbc 10's george spencer heading there for the primary. watch on nbc 10 at 11:00. chuck todd, a preview of his showing coming up at 10:30. good morning. the critical new hampshire primary just two days away. after yesterday's bitter republican debate, big questions need to be answered. can donald trump rebound from iowa, can marco rubio keep momentum going and surge in new hampshire? can bush or christie survive beyond tuesday? donald trump joins me face-to-face. going at each other, too. can hillary clinton have her own comeback kid style new hampshire moment, or can bernie sanders turn a new hampshire blowout
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into a national movement? that's all coming up on "meet the press."
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on this super bowl sunday, you can watch the big game on big screen tvs at the blue cross river rink. here is a live look at penn's landing where there are already some skaters out there on the ice. if you aren't into the big game or kids don't want to watch the big game, there's always ice skating and there are arcade games as well. football fans are counting down the hours until kickoff. a lot of hype surrounds the quarterback. quarterback cam newton named league mvp for the first time and denver's peyton manning could be playing in his last game. millions of fans in the san francisco pay area for the game and millions more will be watching around the world for the super bowl golden anniversary. newson and manning will be in the spotlight. they talk about facing off against each other. take a listen. >> any time you get compared to peyton manning, you must be doing something right.
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i take it for what it's worth. >> he's been awesome. that's the best word i can think of. >> taking off the high road. the super bowl kicks off at 6:30. 2016 football hall of fame class has been announced. roman catholic product marvin harrison the cut. brett favre, kevin stabler, orlando green also headed to canton. tony dungy going in as coach. terrell owens did not make the list this time around. the puck drops at noon. last night took on rangers. a little controversy, wayne simmonds gets cross-checked to the back of the head. he did not take it. refs ended up tossing simmonds. they win in a shoot-out. they pick up a point in the standing. sixers honored great darryl
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dawkins at the wells fargo. okafor had a high of 32 points. sixers win. ranking. the teams at the top suffered some losses this week and number three nova keeps on winning. they took care of providence last night. the final 72-60. the new rankings will be released tomorrow. happening right now in cherry hill, they are sweating it out for a good cause. 12th annual katz spinathon until none, raising awareness about heart health, also raising money donated to american heart association. i'm sure everyone having events this weekend is grateful it does not snow. pleasant weekend. >> absolutely. it's going to be beautiful on penn's landing. if you're willing to go outside, have at it. we expect clouds to filter in later today but is looking at
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that. look at this beautiful blue sky at camel back mountain. skiers are loving it. we are in just for a day all around the region. we're going to take it. cape may, beautiful. chilly in cape may. we're seeing some folks hit the beach. they are bundled up for sure but why take a walk along cape may promenade, 36 now. temperatures bumping up mid to upper 40s. we're going to reach 49 in philadelphia. so really a great way to round out the weekend. if you have super bowl plans tonight, the weather will cooperate for you. just take it easy on the roadways. people like to get crazy on the roads tonight. take it easy there. weatherwise you should be dry, should be fine. watching coastal lows up the eastern seaboard monday. right now it is looking like tuesday will be snow on and off throughout the day. we're watching it closely right now looking like lighter accumulation, 1 to 3, maybe 2 to 4 in some parts of the region,
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rosemary. if that system were to track at all further west coming inland, you could seed more snow out of that. glenn will be here tonight. we'll be tracking it for you. as we get closer we'll know exactly the path it's to take. >> good to know. thank you so much. that's going to do it for us sunday morning. i'm rosemary connors, karen thomas, from all of us at nbc 10, have a good one. "meet the press" is next.
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new hampshire primary now just two days away. last night, the most bitter republican debate yet. >> there it is. >> he knows -- >> there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> at stake, can donald trump rebound from his disappointing iowa finish? can marco rubio keepis momentum going and surge in new hampshire? can bush, kasich or christie survive beyond tuesday? donald trump joins me face-to-face. plus, the democrats are going at each other, too. >> innuendo and insinuation. >> can hillary clinton have her own comeback kid-style


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